How the Green Party can go from start-up to scale up over the next few years

Title image showing exponential growth curve with wording: “The Green Hockey Stick. How we go from Start-up to Scale-up”

At this point in time, we in the Green Party have some tough choices to make to ensure that the next phase of our development is one of increasing growth in support and electoral…

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The current motion to Green Party Conference on inserting a “Wealth Tax” into our tax policy platform relies on you believing 3 things, none of which are true:

1. Current Green Party policy does not include taxes on ‘Wealth’
2. The motion before conference will tax the wealth of the richest…

There are 14 million people in poverty in the UK, and it is costing taxpayers £50bn+ per year more than if those people were given the income and resources necessary to lift them out of poverty.

“Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to…

Allowing public and community bodies to buyback and retrofit private rental homes will save renters and taxpayers £40bn per year, while reducing CO2 emissions and driving economic recovery in every part of the UK

Representation to the Comprehensive Spending Review 2020

Row of refurbished Victorian terraced houses

(Photo By Dave Eagle, CC BY-SA 2.0)


This representation to the UK government’s Comprehensive Spending Review 2020 proposes that the UK government provides central (or supports local) financing to fund the transfer of private rented sector (PRS) homes to the public and social/community…

The semi-privatisation of the British rental sector is costing renters around £35bn more in payments per year than if that housing were rented from the public sector

It is also costing the UK taxpayer around £6bn more per year in housing benefit payments.

So why on Earth don’t we change it?

Below I set out, in terms of the numbers at least, how a transition from private to public/community housing can be achieved in a way that is fair to current landlords, reduces rents for renters and reduces costs to the UK taxpayer.

Let’s start with the current private rented sector:

Green candidates were not put forward in 48 Labour/Conservative battleground seats in 2019

The full disappointment of the 2019 general election had barely sunk in on (appropriately) Friday 13th December before Caroline Lucas re-iterated the consensus view among many leading members of the Green Party: in order to defeat the Conservatives, ‘progressive parties’ must ‘join forces’.

The idea of some sort of electoral…

Martin Farley

Member of the Green Party of England & Wales and Convenor of its Tax & Fiscal Policy Working Group. Interested especially in Land Value Tax and Basic Income

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